EmBRACEable Blue

Embraceable-Blue-Glow-2EmBRACEable Blue is a custom built 2010 Cameron model Z-90 hot air balloon. As an ambassador for orthodontic health, EmBRACEable Blue wears braces and displays our practice logo. EmBRACEable Blue has several distinctions:

  • It is piloted by an orthodontist, Dr. Daniel Meyers.
  • Its name comes from the combination of its distinct multi-blue pattern, the braces it
    wears, and Gershwin’s classic song Embraceable You.Embraceable-Blue-In-the-Basket-Up
  • It is available upon request to support local community events.
  • Its design highlights whole system minimally invasive orthodontics.

For more information about whole system minimally invasive orthodontics, see our Treatment Philosophy page.

Embraceable-Blue-3DEmbraceable-Blue-Glow Embraceable-Blue-In-the-Basket